Rosa Romero-Gomez

Rosa Romero-Gómez, Ph.D.

I'm a Senior Data Visualization Research Engineer at Uncharted Software

I design and develop visual analytics workflows & tools to support analysts across diverse fields to make sense of complex data

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About Me

I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1987. After receiving both my Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering (in 2009) and my Master degree in Computer Science and Technology (in 2010) from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, I decided to pursue my Ph.D. at the DEI Interactive Systems Lab at the same university. My Ph.D. dissertation is entitled "A Design Pattern Language to Assist the Design of Alarm Visualizations for Operating Control Systems". After graduation, I joined the Astrolavos Lab as a Data Visualization Research Engineer to design and develop visualization tools that supported security analysts to better identify network threats. Currently, I work at Uncharted Software as a senior data visualization research engineer designing and developing visual analytics tools for pioneering agencies such as DARPA.



  • Programming   Vue.js Cytoscape.js D3.js React.js Python R LaTeX
  • Web   Express with Node HTML5 CSS
  • Software Tools   git svn
  • Languages   Spanish English
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Selected Work

A Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics Approach for Qualitative Causal Modeling

VAHC '21 Best Paper Award

A Multi-scale Visual Analytics Approach for Exploring Biomedical Knowledge


Open Source Threat Analysis Console

VizSec '17 Best Paper Award


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